2D/3D Services Imaging Techonlogies

2D/3D Processing

Basic processing is conducted within Landmark’s SeisSpace/ProMAX seismic data processing suite. As a package that allows us to organize projects effectively and that contains all of the most essential routines normally included in our process flows, it provides a platform for highly customizable approaches to the many unique situations presented in modern seismic exploration. The flexibility inherent in SeisSpace/ProMAX and its continued development with new routines that reflect the most recent advances in the field, provides us the opportunity to bring to bear our many years of experience and attention to detail to deliver reliable solutions to the increasingly sophisticated requirements of our clientele.

Imaging Technologies

Seismic Time and Depth Imaging

STAR Geophysics incorporates a broad range of imaging technologies into its 2D and 3D seismic processing services. The offerings include a wide variety of pre-stack and post-stack migrations in both time and depth domains.

Pre-Stack Time Migration

Our most requested product is 2D or 3D Kirchhoff Pre-Stack Time Migration which is a highly accurate imaging method applicable to many geologic settings and is most often performed at STAR using the Tsunami Imaging Suite. This world-class time migration implementation features options for straight or curved ray algorithms, ETA field input for anisotropic corrections, and an optional converted wave mode.  The ability to directly output angle gathers for subsequent AVO analysis is another distinctive feature of this program.

Pre-Stack Depth Migration

STAR’s implementation of 3D Kirchhoff Pre-Stack Depth Migration also incorporates the Tsunami Imaging Suite. Featured in this application is the ability to use turning waves to image beyond ninety degrees (as with salt overhangs). Travel-time files are built using a ray-tracer program based on wavefront reconstruction. Velocity updates for iterative image improvement are based on tomographic inversion from residual moveout picks of the depth migrated CRP gathers.

Post-Stack Time and Depth Migration

We also offer a wide variety of post-stack migrations included in our general seismic data processing platform Seis Space. Various methods including Kirchhoff, Finite-Difference, Phase Shift and Stoldt are available.